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Tips To Make Your Kratom Last longer

The beneficial qualities of Kratom were discovered over two centuries ago, and Southeast Asian natives started to experiment with various innovative harvesting and drying processes. The objective of this effort was to produce Kratom strains that would provide the user with varying effects. It didn’t take long for Kratom cultivators to learn that many variables were in play that affected its shelf life.

Today, advanced agricultural equipment and modern packaging techniques are used in Kratom production, significantly increasing the product’s shelf life. Centuries ago, it would last only for about two to three weeks, after which it became unusable. However, modern-day packaged Kratom products can easily last much longer than that.

About Phytochemical Stability

Kratom leaves have cellular walls containing more than 20 different phytochemicals (identifiable plant alkaloids.) Of these, 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine are primarily responsible for the positive effects of this product.

About Kratom’s Shelf Life

Regardless of the methods used in Kratom strain harvesting and processing, its alkaloid profile’s potency is the highest at the point when the leaves are plucked from the tree. From that point on, these alkaloids start breaking down slowly and steadily.

Entropy is the natural process that causes breakage in the leaves’ molecular bonds. Over time, even the most carefully processed and perfectly packed Kratom powder becomes less potent. Sometimes, the Kratom powder loses its potency because of:

  • Exposure to moisture
  • Extended exposure to direct sunlight (UV radiation)
  • Fungi, mold, or mildew growth

Since Kratom is incredibly susceptible to its immediate environment, at Urban Ice Botanicals, we take all the necessary steps to ensure that the product you receive is fresh and potent. We do this by using unique, stay-fresh, airtight packaging.

In addition, we also follow the highest manufacturing standards in processing our Kratom powders and capsules. The work is carried out in clean rooms that have modern filtration systems.

How To Increase Kratom’s Shelf Life?

This careful processing and packaging go a long way in preserving the product’s purity and potency. However, there are specific steps you can follow to help combat environmental factors that can act on the Kratom powder, compromising its quality. If you want to ensure that your Kratom capsules or powder last for a very long time, these are the steps to follow:

  • Do not remove your Kratom from its original packaging; keep it as is.
  • Always store your Kratom products in a dark, dry, and cool place.
  • When preparing your serving, use a dry and clean measuring cup or spoon
  • Regularly inspect the Kratom for inclusions like mold and mildew. The powder should always have a uniform color and have a consistently fine texture.
  • If you notice an unpleasant, musty odor wafting out of your Kratom packet, do not try to salvage any of it to use it. You must discard the product right away. Fresh Kratom will always have a naturally earthy smell making it effective and safe for use.

 If you have any Kratom-related questions, our staff is here to answer them.

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