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Differences Between Kratom and Akuamma

Today, there are several botanical-origin wellness enhancers available on the market. Alongside widely used plant-derived powerhouses like Cannabidiol (CBD), Kratom is fast becoming the go-to product for many people. With every passing day, many people are becoming acquainted with the benefits of these powerful natural substances.

However, several variables are associated with trying new substances, making it necessary for consumers to research before using any new supplements regularly. When it comes to ethnobotanical research, one substance is gaining popularity rapidly- Akuamma powder and its benefits seem to be closely linked to Kratom effects. It’s why these two products now share similar popularity levels.

It’s crucial to have credible information to make a better decision about the products you want to consume. The Urban Ice Botanicals team is always eager to keep our consumers well informed about the different products we carry on our website.

About Akua

Here we provide some fact-based information on what Akumma is, where it originates, and what you can expect when deciding to consume it as an enhancer or natural supplement. We also give you some details about its cultural legacy and specific evidence suggesting how it might have multiple wellness-enhancing properties.

1. Akuamma Origins

As you might be aware, Mitragyna Speciosa, the Kratom plant, is native to different regions of Southeast Asia. It has been growing profusely in Indonesia and Malaysia for many centuries.

The Akuamma tree (scientific name- Picralima Nitida), on the other hand, is native to some tropical African regions.

Like various Kratom botanical extracts, the Akuamma tree seeds, leaves, and fruit have an ancient cultural history of use by the regions’ indigenous inhabitants. Traditionally, Akuamma tree derivatives have been widely used as an ethnomedicine in treating afflictions, such as:

  • Jaundice
  • Malaria
  • Fever
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Many different pharmacological studies have been conducted on Akuamma-sourced botanical compounds. Some have revealed interesting results. An isolated phytochemical in Akuamma plant matter appears to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antitumorigenic properties.

Note- Urban Ice Botanicals makes no expressed or implied claims about any health benefits related to the use of Akuamma powder. We always recommend that you conduct extensive research and consult your physician before experimenting with any form of nutritional supplement.

The Akuamma tree commonly grows to heights less than 12 feet, but it can grow up to 100 feet and more. These trees are more like shrubs that thrive in tropical environments. You will also find them growing on the banks of streams and rivers where there is plenty of water available nearby.

2. Akuamma Preparation and Consumption

Unlike Kratom, Akuamma trees produce blooms and seed-bearing fruits throughout their life cycle. These blooms and fruits, along with the ground roots and bark, are used for different purposes. This aspect contrasts starkly with the common uses of Kratom, where the plant’s leaves are typically harvested and dried before being pulverized into fine powder for consumption.

3. Seed Harvesting and Powder Preparation

Once the Akuamma trees mature, they begin to produce dense, large fruit that starts out dark green but transforms to brown as the trees grow. At peak maturity, Akuamma fruit resembles a coconut, but the insides are nothing like the latter. When you open the ripened fruit of the Akarma tree, you will find nutrient-rich seeds packed in a large seed pod. These seeds are similar to gourd or pumpkin seeds. 

Other parts of this tree are used for multiple purposes (some unrelated to human consumption). The powder made by grinding dried Akuamma seeds is the most typical use of this tree. 

This powder has a bitter taste, and most people blend it with carriers such as flavored beverages, yogurt, and preserves to make it more palatable. The other option is to press the crushed Akuamma seed powder, turn it into a pill or encase it in capsules for easier ingestion.

4. Analysis of Akuamma Alkaloid Vs Kratom

Akuammine is the primary alkaloid considered to be responsible for Akuamma seed powder benefits. There has been extensive research conducted on this alkaloid. Studies have proved that its effects profile are very similar to the plant alkaloid Yohimbine, derived from the bark of Pausinystalia Johimbe, another African tree.

Akuamma seed contains some other phytochemicals, including akuammiline, akuammicine, pseudo-akuammigine, and picraline. However, efficacy studies of isolated alkaloids when haven’t yielded any consistent results. Therefore, Akuammine is the most prominent indole alkaloid present in crushed Akuamma seed powder. It also appears to have the most positive effects on humans due to its high potency.

By comparison, Kratom tree leaves contain 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine, two potent alkaloids well recognized for their excellent wellness-enhancing benefits. Both these alkaloids are present in varying concentrations in mature Kratom tree leaves, but Mitragynine is present in a 7:1 ratio compared to 7-Hydroxymitragynine.

5. Akuamma Seed Powder Effects

Like Kratom, Akuamma seed powder effects are subjective to some extent, from user to user. Some people experience noticeable effects on mood, energy level, and temporary pain relief from minor aches by consuming Akuamma seed powder in minute quantities. When taken in a larger serving, the effects are more noticeable. However, there might not be any direct connection between serving size and the level of impact.

Many users report that Akuamma seed powder’s wellness-enhancing benefits are similar to Kratom, putting both in the same ethnobotanical category. It is also one reason people living in regions where it is illegal to consume Kratom opt for Akuamma seed powder instead. The latter is not considered to be an easily categorizable supplement like a stimulant or depressant. Since it offers intermediate effects, those new to Akuamma seed powder should start with smaller serving sizes to determine how their bodies react to this botanical.

6. Using Akuamma Seed Powder Alongside Other Medications or Botanicals

We at Urban Ice Botanicals believe in the immense power of plants and recognize that people will have many questions about botanicals, how to use them and whether they can take them alongside other medications and supplements. If you are already taking prescription medication or some supplement, you will want to know whether the Akuamma seed powder will react with it in any way.

Those who already use CBD or Kratom natural products want to know whether it’s okay to include Akuamma seed powder into their existing regimen with some botanical supplements. Unfortunately, Urban Ice Botanicals cannot provide any suggestions or directions in this context. Our advice is that you should consult with your doctor before you include any new natural botanicals or make supplementary or dietary changes in your regimen.

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