CLark bartman

30 Plus Year Fitness Industry Pioneer

Honoree Of National Fitness Hall Of Fame

Actor In Batman Dead End, Hunter Prey and more

Host Of American Health & Fitness

Cast Member Of Kiania’s Flex Appeal

Speaker /Best Selling Author

Iconic Fitness Model With Over 100

Covers Husband And Father


24 years old

6+ years of Training & Nutrition Experience

Personal Trainer, Hybrid Athlete & IFBB Figure Pro

I teach people daily how to train, eat and practice mental toughness.

Passionate about mental health, proper supplementation & gut health

I’ve been introduced to Urban Ice products a little over a year ago and I’ve been incorporating these products into my daily routine. Stamina, improved mood and sleep are the main benefits I experience when taking Urban Ice products.


Over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry.

7 years of experience in the supplement industry from retail to wholesale.

IFBB Pro in Classic Physique Division.

2019 NPC/IFBB Battle of Texas Champion.

2020 Mr. Olympia Qualification in the Classic Phyique Division.

4 year High school Wrestler.

Hybrid Athlete

I inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and push themselves to there maximum capacity.

iris kyle

IFBB Pro BodyBuilder

10 Ms. Olympia

7 Ms. International

The most Mr. or Ms. Olympia wins of anyone!


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Pro Tips

I personally take 3X in the afternoon around 5pm for a clean and long lasting afternoon pick me up, as well as, my pre-workout of choice.

My workouts are a combination of Bodybuilding, CrossFit and HITT workouts and with the energy from 3X I’m able to push through every workout with maximal effort and intensity. It gets me in the zone and keeps me focused throughout.

Serving size wise I prefer taking 1/2 of the shot. I find this to be the perfect amount for me and it gives me just enough energy to power through the rest of my day. I recommend starting with 1/4 of the shot if you are new to Kratom and 1/2 to 1 full serving if you are a more experienced Kratom User.

Over time you may adjust dosage, however, you always want to make sure that your body is adjusting slowly to any new stimulus or supplement your are introducing into your daily routine.