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Mike O’Hearn


Michael O’Hearn is an American icon. Starting with competitive bodybuilding, Mike found his passion for not only his own physical and mental betterment, but also for empowering others to do the same. His early days saw him playing the role of Titan in the popular series American Gladiators. That was the first of many different acting roles, and that which gave him his popular nickname, and eventually the name of his first-born son.
Mike went on to develop his program, Power Bodybuilding, which has truly revolutionized the fitness industry. In his work with people across the globe, O’Hearn focuses on teaching them the skills of developing physical and mental strength and power, with health and longevity being the ultimate goals.
Mike has dedicated his life to being the best that he can be – physically, mentally and emotionally – while educating and inspiring others to do the same.


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Our dogs are family. They mean everything to us. And we want to keep them around – and thriving – for as long as we can.
Just as humans do, dogs need daily physical activity and a healthy nutrition and supplement protocol to keep them feeling good and functioning optimally.
We have three high-energy huskies who are always on the move. Huskies are highly intelligent dogs, so it’s important that they’re always stimulated. They go for two walks every day, two weekly hikes, and they swim and play as much as they can in between.


Leader of the Pack

You would never know to look at this stunning Siberian Husky that she’s not only 14 years old, but also a cancer survivor. This beauty is the last of the O’Hearn OG pack. Stryker is a born leader and even at her advanced age, she keeps up with her younger sisters and all their shenanigans.


The Middle Child

Khaleesi likes to think that she runs the show. This 6-year old Husky/Wolf mix fits right in with her older siblings, spending much of her day taunting her sisters and engaging them in play. Her bark is much worse than her bite – if she’s not hiking, swimming or playing, Khaleesi can be found lazing around anywhere and everywhere.


The Princess

Panda is an 8-year-old Wooly Husky with the face – and energy – of a puppy. You can see the playfulness in her crystal-blue eyes. Full of energy and love, panda is Little Miss Manners – definitely the most polite among her siblings

Our CBD for dogs is essential to the physical and mental well-being of our dogs. They aren’t puppies anymore; their joints are aging along with them, and the CBD is crucial to decreasing inflammation, thereby allowing them to move pain-free and enjoy a better quality of life.



Kratom comes from a tropical tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia and has been used for centuries in traditional medicines. Kratom is a safe herbal supplement used by millions of Americans to manage pain, or as an alternative to coffee to help their mood and focus.

Kratom is not a drug, not an opiate, and not a synthetic substance. Kratom’s alkaloids do hit the mu-opioid receptors in the brain, but kratom is a plant from the coffee family and it does not have the same pharmacologic activity as classic opioids. Natural Kratom is a safe herbal supplement that is used by millions for pain management or an energy booster.

The two main alkaloids responsible for the effects of Kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These two alkaloids make Kratom, unlike any other botanical on the market. They are what produce Kratom’s unique and useful benefits.

Our CBD products do not contain THC.

Every user experience is different because our body, our symptoms, and how kratom affects us are all unique. Start low, go slow. All the magic happens at the lowest doses.

Kratom powder is quickly absorbed into the blood stream when compared to capsules. These take longer because the gelatin that surrounds the capsule has to be digested before the Kratom can be absorbed. Capsules are more convenient to take than powder. Kratom powder is quickly absorbed into your body but the effects of capsules tends to last longer.

Urban Ice Botanicals uses an outside third-party laboratory to test our products for kratom’s alkaloid levels, presence of pathogens, salmonella, E. coli, yeast & molds, and other common toxins making sure our labeling is transparent and accurate.



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